Barefoot map copy        Barefoot Cliff

Prior to heading to Grand Cayman for a family vaca, I did some research to find some off the beaten path places to get some good photos.  The Caymans, though beautiful, do not have many well known places for portfolio quality photos, so I dug deep on google.  I found a post from someone (can’t remember, sorry for lacking the credits) who described a set of stone steps leading to a stone wall to the left of Barefoot Beach where you could get a nice sweeping picture of the beach.  Lucky for me, Barefoot was only a 15 minute ride from the house I was staying in.  After finding Barefoot on Google maps (many beaches in Grand Cayman are very tiny, and if you don’t know they exists, you would drive right by)  I headed off to scout the location  Found the path to the beach pretty easily, however realized that unless it is dead low tide, you could not safely walk to the steps.  So we (I was with my brother) headed back to the road and tried to find a way to the cliffside.

barefoot wide

A few hundred yards down the road we hopped a fence and made our way through the thick vegetation.  Minutes later we discovered an abandoned walkway that wrapped around the cliffside, for probably 1/4 mile.  I later learned the construction of a large resort was canceled after hurricane Ivan swept through, and all that remained was the stone path.  After hopping the wall I found a good vantage point to capture the sunrise hitting the cliffside next to the steps. It would take 3 mornings to get the light I was looking for, however I was very happy with the result.  It was an amazing experience sitting alone on that cliff listening to the waves and watching the sun rise.  The shot I got was a bonus.

Will be posting the final soon!