Tee-shirts and Traffic

Crash and Retreat BTSI awoke to an overcast sky this morning, ending my chance to get one more beautiful sunrise in Grand Cayman.  I had one sunset left while here and thankfully had covered the locations I wanted to photograph during our stay, so the last sunset of my trip was open to spots that didn’t make the cut previously. I had one in mind, though it was 30 minutes from where we were staying. The family wanted to do some touristy shopping so we headed into George Town (a 45 minute ride).

I told everyone AIS (ass in seat) at 4:45 which would give me enough time to drop them off and get to the sunset.  However, I did not account for traffic!  It took 30 minutes longer than I anticipated to get back and I was giving up hope that I would get in one more shoot before leaving. We passed this spot only 10 minutes from our villa.  I kicked everyone out of the rental,  sped back and setup in just enough time to catch the last rays of sunlight.  Even while shooting I didn’t think much of the shot.  Probably because I was rushing, and felt unprepared.

I framed it quickly and first focused on waves crashing, knowing I was losing light.  I snapped every good crash I could. Once the light was gone, I switched to 5 bracketed exposures and focused on the rest of the shot.

See the final photograph here  You never know.  #DiscoverthPhoto